Below is a list with all of the books I have read and reviewed (links to the post are embedded within the title of the book). Should a book review have more than one entry, such as during reviews series, each successive installment will be found following the title (e.g., 'Pt.1, Pt.2,' etc.).


Initial Impressions of Medieval Texts
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Society, Culture, Religion
The Anglo-Saxon Age: A Very Short Introduction (2000) (John Blair)
Medieval Literature: A Very Short Introduction (2015) (Elaine Treharne)
Medieval Britain: A Very Short Introduction (2000) (John Gillingham & Ralph A. Griffiths)
Tudor Britain: A Very Short Introduction (2013) (John Guy)
Stuart Britain: A Very Short Introduction (2000) (John Morill)

Old and Middle English: Learning & Research
A Student Guide to Chaucer's Middle English (2011) (Peter G. Beidler)

Medieval Warfare
Medieval Siege Warfare (1990) (Christopher Gravett)

Witchcraft: Idea and History
Witchcraft: A Very Short Introduction (2010) (Malcolm Gaskill)
The Witchcraft Sourcebook (2004) (Brian P. Levack)
An Examen of Witches (2009) (Henry Boguet)

Scholarly Criticism & Research on Medievalism

The Great Courses: Medieval &Ancient Lecture Series
King Arthur: History and Legend (Dorsey Armstrong) (Notes: click here)
The Life and Writings of Geoffrey Chaucer (Seth Lerer) (Notes: click here)

The Arthurian Legend and its Reception and Adaptation
Off to be the Wizard (2014) (Scott Meyer)
Knight Kyle and the Magic Silver Lance (2016) (Oliver PÓ§tzsch)
The Sword in the Stone (1987) (T.H. White)