Blog Update (11/4/17)

The last time I gave an update, I, in my typical manner, shook things up heavily and maybe dashed some hopes. Projects were ended and new projects announced. I had said that I wanted to make a new blog with a new host, one that could do more. And then, I sort of just left it at that and allowed the posts I have scheduled here to be published as I wandered off to my new home and thought what I should do with this blog.

Fast forward to the present and I have come to a sort of conclusion.

I say "sort" because I do not yet know if I want to keep this blog or delete it. What I do know, however, is that at the very minimum, I want to keep this blog around long enough to use it as a testing ground for new content.

In the earlier months of this blog, I had some posts which dealt with siege warfare. At the time, I was reading Christopher Gravett's Medieval Siege Warfare and had wanted to extrapolate some of those ideas. However, being tired of simply writing up the same old boring semi-educational posts that I had been writing, I decided to use what I called a "Gonzo" format (after the off-brand kind of "vulgar" journalism which Gonzoism is known for). These posts were salty, mildly story-driven, and contained a fair amount of lewdness and harsh language. I thought they were pretty great but certainly not anything that I wanted to use full time on my blog; they were just a fun diversion, an aberration in my normal content.

Now, however, I think I want to return to Gonzo-styled content. This is why, starting early next year (in 2018), I will start publishing an exploratory series of historical notes; these notes will be like the notes I have been posting up-- my transcripts of listening to audio lectures-- but they will not be so dry. In this new series of Gonzo notes, I will aim for conveying the details and factoids of each lecture while maintaining a tone of detached passion, one which talks of the past with reference to the present without becoming bogged down in niched academicism.

Currently, I only have plans for a short series of Gonzo historical notes ("short" because I may find that "Gonzofying" things might not actually be a worthwhile endeavor). But, I am also keeping my mind open for different kinds of content; notations and content extrapolations aside, I plan on trying out some other things if I can brainstorm something interesting.

All of that being said, because my new blog has been keeping me pretty busy with its attendant projects, including at long last the publication of my Medieval Harry Potter series, at the start of the next year, I will only be publishing content here irregularly. If I had to give an estimate, likely no more than a couple of posts a week. As I said, if you really want to keep up with my medievalism, then you need to get subscribed to my new blog, The (Pop) Culture Medievalist.

Okay, well I hopped that that cleared up a little bit of the confusion that I am sure some of you felt in reading some of the content over the past few weeks. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this blog and hope that you will join me in whatever may come our way.