A Brief Aside on How I Take Notes

Hi all,

I just wanted to make this short update to clarify on how I take notes.

Why I am posting this update is because even though no one has enquired, most of my notes cover academic topics which I bought from educational companies (mostly, the Teaching company and their "Great Course" series). As such, I feel I need to remain academically honest and remind people on the basic structure of the notes.

When I take a note covering a Great Course lecture, most of the notes are direct paraphrases of the lecturer as they speak. Sometimes I use direct quotations but mostly it is simply changing of around of words to better fit my own habits and voice. Due to this, readers can rely on the contents of each note being pretty faithful to the contents of the lecture. If you were to go through the lecture yourself, you would find more clarification and a better explanation, but the same essential details would remain.

I do not always mention the lecturing professor in every note; why is simply because I get so lost in the note that it usually doesn't occur to me. However, I do mention the course which the lecture is from. If one clicks on the label associated with that lecture-- it is usually the label with substance to it instead of merely a one-off descriptor-- and selects the very first lecture in that particular series, then inside that first post you will see the name of the lecturer during the introductory preface to the note. (Additionally, names and full details of the course is disseminated during the review at the end of the lecture series.) In any case, if anyone is ever confused on who the lecturer is simply comment and I will respond with the lecturer's name and a link to the product so you know the full details of the course I am notating.

Okay, that is all everyone!

Thank you for reading and if you ever feel the need to comment, simply post below and I will be glad to engage anyone in thoughtful discussion.