What to Expect this Academic Year

Hello, everyone,

I hope you became excited over my previous post outlining my plans for YouTube. This post, however, will fully explain those plans and moderate some ideas which I rashly expressed (please note that due to my scheduling routine, this post is something I have gone back and scheduled weeks after the YouTube post was scheduled to be published; so, I have had plenty of time to meditate on the direction of the channel).

Essentially, the YouTube channel is going to be an auxiliary to this website. I have no plans to become a full-time YouTuber or try to gain a following on that platform. Why is because I simply don't have the time. Accordingly, then, YouTube is going to be more of a hosting site instead of an actual new endeavor in itself. It will augment my work this coming academic year, not replace it.

So far, this is par for the course. But I mention it because I did not want people to think that this channel would be like a sister-site, because this is not the case. Additionally, I want to also stress that not all of the programs I explained previously will become a reality. I would hope that they would become a reality eventually, but this depends on how several factors.

In any case, with those caveats out of the way, I wanted to explain how the YouTube channel was concretely going to effect post publication on this site.

The short answer is that it will not effect it. Why is because these posts, these videos, are part of a new creative academic project.

In my previously post, I had mentioned how The Milton Underground had replaced Enchanted Assemblages as that sort of fun academic engagement. I also referenced how I hadn't yet known what would happen to E.A. Well, after mulling things over these past few weeks, I have come to a decision: Enchanted Assemblages will be re-born as a new, medieval-oriented creative academic project focused on rich story-telling but also educational engagement.

Look for the first post explaining this project in full, this Saturday.

I hope you will read that post and give this new project a chance. I know I have been very floppy on what projects last and what do not, but this time is the last time I do any flopping. Promise. This re-booted Enchanted Assemblages will be its final form and you can expect content to be regularly published along with a plethora of status updates along the way. This undertaking is something I am very excited about, so I hope you will join me as I tell a grand tale which is as fun as educational.

So, other than E.A. I also wanted to touch on the kind of content you will be seeing this year.

In addition to the numerous post and updates related to EA, you can expect the Let's Reads and Notes to appear fairly frequently; as the year drags on, these will probably decrease in frequency, but you should expect at least one Let's Read and one Note per week. On top of the usual content, then, you can also expect my musings, frustrations, and day-to-day struggles learning Latin; as I said previously, I am taking an online Latin course this semester and I thought some of you might get a kick out of reading some notations on my learning process. These posts will be published as I complete them, so I will say at least one or two such posts per week. Finally, I want to also say that you, dear reader, should expect a assortment of posts on neo-medievalism; reviews, musings, engagements and more should be expected. This term I am taking an independent study on how the medieval interacts with today, so I will be sharing plenty of that coursework as it is completed. As an attachment to this course, I have planned a "final project" associated with it and though this project will be disseminated throughout the whole year, it will involve that "Medieval Harry Potter" series I had talked about way back.

In sum, there is plenty of high quality content coming your way!

Both the rebooted Enchanted Assemblages and the Medieval Harry Potter are projects I am super-excited for and I truly hope you will join me, comment, share, and simply participate in these endeavors; I am placing a lot of effort into these projects, so it just won't be the same if you don't give them a shot.

Okay, that is enough ranting for now. Please tune in this Saturday where I fully explain the nature of this rebooted EA and why I hope you will give it a chance.