My Plans for YouTube

Not quite the "tube" I am going to be on, but close enough!
In a previous post, I mentioned how it was in my blood to start a YouTube channel connected to this blog. This is still planned but I want to now share with you the specifics of what I hope for the channel. Please keep in mind, though, that everything below is just preliminary ideas and only represent possible aspirations. Likely, in a fashion true to me, these ideas will be implemented only gradually and likely as part of other projects. But the idea behind each program is below and the concept I hope to reach.

So, firstly, I do not yet have a name for the channel. I was considering appropriating Enchanted Assemblages for use as the name but I still don't know if I just want to use the name of this blog; it is up in the air, though I am leaning toward EA. (Edit: since initially writing this post, I have decided against using EA as the name; see a forthcoming post for reasons why.)

Secondly, a major point for the channel, whatever it's eventual name, is going to be the style.

I watch a lot of channels centered within the Humanities. So, I watch a lot of The Game Theorists (and the spin-off film channel), CinemaSins, and Wisecrack. Most of these channels have alternative programs. Going to The Game Theorists, for example, will see shorter videos done by friends of MatPat focused on culture. Taking a look at Wisecrack, meanwhile, will show that in addition to the main philosophical and theoretical videos, there is programs such as "Earthling Cinema" and "Thug Notes". Each program on these channels offers a unique experience to tie viewers over while content for the primary program is created. Just the same, I plan on offering several different programs on my channel.

Like any popular channel, though, mine will feature different programs; each program will be based around the central idea of medievalism and today, but will focus on unique programs. As I said, though, the style of my channel is going to be important; unlike CinemaSins or Wisecrack, after all, I am just one person; one person with little in the way of resources. So, I need to take a proper rote, one which enables me to do more with less.

Enter: stop-motion animation.

For most of my videos, I have opted to use stop-motion collage. This means that I will be using images, cut outs from both magazines but also general images from around the web, to animate my videos. Going frame-by-frame, I hope to build smooth, engaging videos which educate as well as entertain. Done from a bird-eye view, with the camera facing downward, my efforts will be captured in 2D but I hope to stretch this to innovative ends.

As I am still learning stop-motion, though, I want to move on to the actual programs.

(1) Arthuriana-O-Rama: my "flagship" program, this is also the program which I hope will use stop-motion animation in unique ways. Focusing on one-point perspective, I intend on animating short, over-the-shoulder videos starring "Gulliver" (or, maybe Phry), a character who is a sort of Arthurian everyman who gets transported into a land one in the same to the medieval world. Here, he will encounter stories and characters from various Arthurian tales. The program will center on the conflict between the modern and medieval, how the medieval is distorted by the modern, and how the medieval is "restored" by encountering the medieval. Specifics beyond this I do not yet know. I don't want to jump the gun before I count my chickens. Each episode here will be anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes in length. These will be the longest of any program; no other program will likely reach past six or even minutes, if even that, so these videos will be the true attraction.

(2) Gulliver's Chronicles: at this point I can tell you that the name "Gulliver" is based on the Victorian book featuring the same protagonist. But, since this name isn't yet set in stone, I won't bore you much with my literary life. The point of this program is where details which can't be fit into the flagship videos are posted. Essentially, the function of these videos is to outline and inform the audience on bits and pieces about the Arthurian legend, details which for whatever reason can't be reproduced in a "rama" video or that just don't meld well. So, things like King Arthur's familial relations, the evolution of the legend, and so forth will find their home here, among other aspects about the medieval world at large. This animation style may be less stop motion and more photo and voiceover oriented but I just don't have the details yet.

(3) Bede's Bedside: micro-reviews of relevant medieval texts. Meaning, reviews of actual medieval literature accompanied by explanations of what it all meant, as well as reviews of books which deal with medieval literature and history (academic or otherwise). These videos will be short. No longer than five minutes. As such, I am hoping to find a unique way to produce them, maybe branch out and see what products Adobe has to offer (though I loath to go on a subscription plan). In any case, if I can't find something too unique, I will just find a stop-motion style which works for me.

(4) Movie Knight: forgive the eye-rolling pun, but I had to name it accordingly. So, this won't use stop-motion animation; this video will be live-action. As you may have guessed, this program will be movie reviews, films which deal with the medieval and Arthurian world in some manner. As a point of inspiration, I have been inspired by two other YouTubers: Wisecrack's program "Earthling Cinema" (the actor who plays Eric Wormuloid) and Kevin from "Goodnight Kevin" channel. From the former, I enjoy the sense of suspended disbelief one must put themselves into to enjoy the review, the idea of de-familiarizing yourself to a film you've already enjoyed because it is being examined by "aliens". I think it is a neat and fun idea which brings a level of humor rarely seen to YouTube film reviews. From the latter I was inspired by just the witty, thoroughgoing and general high-quality production. Though I disagree with Kevin both politically and spiritually, I find his videos enjoyable. So, from both of these channels I hope to deliver something approximating the sum of both; I will likely act as the Movie Knight where I review films calling them "the Devil's Illusions". A kind of fish out of water affair, the reverse of the "Arthuriana-O-Rama" videos (I may even have these two acknowledge one another at certain points; it would be cool if all the programs were interconnected). The idea here would be that the knight reviews the films and makes witty commentary throughout while correcting historical inaccuracies. Unfortunately, these videos probably won't manifest for a while. Aside from the fact that I still need to learn the software needed to capture and properly edit the footage from the videos, I need to buy a lot of material: a footage capture machine, another external hard-drive, a green screen and possible projection lights, and props and a costume for the live-actions segments (along with the possibility of a new, slightly higher-quality video camera). Aside from that, I would need to find a dedicated space to shoot these videos. So, yeah, that is a lot to take into account. Since I have other obligations, not the least of which is schoolwork, I have no idea when I would have the money or space to shoot these vids. It is something that I really want to do, to be sure, but reality is kind of pressing up against me.

(5) V-logs: straight forward, I hope. Vlogs would just be simple videos of me, the normal everyday me, giving you guys updates for the channel. They would be shot using a webcam. These wouldn't be that long, maybe ten minutes at the longest. Other than updates and announcements, these videos would be pretty rare, so I'm only including them here as a heads-up. For the small everyday aspects of the channel, I will encourage viewers to go here, to this website, as a place for non-video content and for me musing on the channel.

(6) Practice Videos: self-explanatory. These videos aren't part of the larger project which will be this channel, but if I am attempting something new and want a testing field, then I will maybe upload a video purely to serve as a milestone marker on my progress as an editor and producer. Feel free to inwardly laugh at these videos.

So, that is all that I have so far for the channel. There is more brainstorming to do, of course, but I feel I am making strong gains. If you have any suggestions, please, let me know in the comments.