Progress Report #9

So many to choose from; don't select the giant bug!
You there, yes you, young man or woman, it is time for you to jump abroad the USS Progress Report and learn more about your fantastic life in SPACE!

Okay, honestly, your life won't be that thrilling because the USS progress report is still pretty early in its construction. But, in terms of progress, here is what has happened in the last few months.

Previously, I remarked how I wanted to do more reading of medieval texts but was just too focused on other projects at the time. Well, that hasn't changed. I am still busy with an assortment of creative undertakings and so I haven't read much literature. But, this coming year I do plan on breaking out of this rut and getting a few more texts read. So I am on it!

Alas, though, with my return to school marked the demise of Enchanted Assemblages. I commented in a previous post how the demise corresponded to my interest in John Milton and desire to create an innovative project related to Milton's life and work. So, now the idea which was supposed to be housed in an click adventure adaptation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, is contained in a daring adventure concerning the works of John Milton. Feel free to check out the game for yourself.

But, the good news has not vanished!

In that previous EA post, I tantalizingly remarked that I had good news which you do well to wait for and so it is this: after much thought and consideration, I have decided to start a YouTube channel connected, in part, to this blog. I am still shoring up the details at the moment but expect another post soon fully explaining the details in full.

I can say this, however, that this new channel will feature a variety of content created via stop-motion animation. I plan on integrating it into my independent study while finishing up my penultimate year at university. So, it will likely be updated irregularly (as stop-motion takes a lot of effort to produce, especially when it is just one person, me, doing all the work). But, I plan on melding this channel with this blog and giving you guys new and original content; hopefully, these videos will become part of that neo-medieval space which is increasingly being opened up by medievalists both amateur and professional alike.

My final comment is to expect a lot of posts on Latin learning and later in the term, posts deconstructing the medieval influences implicit within the Harry Potter franchise.

Because I am taking my desire to study medievalism seriously, I have enrolled in a distance learning course with the University of Iowa. I will be taking an elementary Latin course. I feel that becoming acquainted with Latin will be a boon to my studying of medievalism in general and maybe help me learn additional dead languages which grew from Latin (such as Old English, Old French, etc.). Though we will have to wait until the term commences before we see how this pans out, I am ready to give it my all; after all, my university has graciously allowed me to substitute my modern language requirement with Latin to act as my language requirement, so I intend to not waste the opportunity to both satisfy a graduation demand and further my medieval study.

Finally, you as readers can expect to finally start seeing posts about "The Medieval Harry Potter", a project I have been working on and off with for months. Though I have alluded to this project in previous posts, I have not detailed it. In short, in the coming months, you can expect to see published here a series of posts chronicling the medieval influence of various figures, events, sciences, and general history which the Harry Potter franchise takes from. Trust me, if you love 'the boy who lived' and you enjoy medieval history, then you are going to want to tune in for these high quality posts. I have found some connections which you will not be expecting.

Well, that is it!

A mixed bag, to be sure, but here on the USS Progress Report, we are all about honesty. And over all, I feel things are looking up, that ultimately, things are becoming more refined and noteworthy. I think the future holds some awesome things and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.