Enchanted Assemblages: The End?

Well, it has been a nice ride, but this is the end of Enchanted Assemblages.

Wait, what?! I hear you exclaim; was it not just a week or so ago that there was a triumphant EA post? This is true; understand, though, that these posts I schedule months in advance. As I create content, things change while I focus on other projects; the content you see published every few days, was originally scheduled long ago and so as I push ahead, some things get left behind. It is part of this cycle of change which happened to EA.

Over the course of the 2017 spring semester, I returned to university after my protracted break. There, I took an excellent course on the poet John Milton. This course was not something I had planned on loving. To be honest, I had only taken it because one of my other courses was cancelled by the university and this one filled in the time slots which my original pick satisfied. So, I figured I would enroll, get an easy "A" and have plenty of time to devote to EA as part of a research seminar I had enrolled.

What I didn't plan on happening was loving John Milton, his life, his works, and the engagement with him in general. I took great pleasure in the course; this is why you have seen the appearance of the "Milton Journal" tag and Renaissance page, because I wanted to share my passion despite the fact that my main focus is still medieval oriented literature and history.

Early in my research seminar, for instance, I had listed my term project as EA and had planned on working diligently on EA for that whole term. But, as I grew to love Milton, as I learned more about his life, I knew that I had to re-orient; I just didn't have the passion for EA that I had for Milton and knew that I would be unhappy if I tried to pigeonhole EA when what I wanted was to simply work on an innovative Miltonic project.

So, this is what I did: I took aspects of EA and applied it to a new Milton project.

Dear reader, the labor I have invested in EA has not gone to waste, and if you were looking forward to playing the kind of game which EA would have shaped up to be, then you can find its spiritual successor in this Milton game.

I want to introduce you, then, to The Milton Underground!

The Underground is a Click Adventure, clickventure for short. Players explore an original narrative and game world while engaging in close reading "text challenges". Learn about Milton's life and discover why you are there while using literary theory to push yourself to the next level. Complete with an in-depth gameplay manual and open-world schematic, the Underground is a game for any lover of literature or D&D fan.

I will admit, though, that other projects have kept me busy. As a result, there is not a whole lot of content. After all, though this project is something that I loved working on during the school term, I still must think about what is going to be best for my future, and my time these days, I have found, simply do not allow much for clickventures. Even so, there is enough content to get the general idea of the game and the sort of experience offered. I will try and get more content up when I am free, but I want to stress that it can be played now and represents the kind of experience which EA would have blossomed into had I perused it to completion.

What does this mean for EA, then, does it mean that it will never again see the light of day? I honestly do not know. Presently, I have no plans on reigniting EA. I have the Underground to think about, and do not want to abandon it; I may not have a lot to time right now to work on the game, but I will have time here and there in the future, and so do fully plan on adding more content once my priorities shift.

Additionally, I do not think that having two clickventures organized around the same precepts would be very original or worth my while to produce. If I was to revive EA, I would want to reform it into a new clickventure, something unique from the Underground. I have at least one idea on how this may work but that would cost a not insubstantial amount of money which I simply do not have at the moment. Besides, the name itself, Enchanted Assemblages, I may appropriate for use in a different project (more on this later). So, in all, the prospects for a revived EA do not look bright. I do not say that it is impossible, however; let's admit it, part of my passion is creating these New Media, digital humanities artistic projects. Sooner or later, my existing projects will come to an end and I will have time to uptake new endeavors. At that time, EA may have a second life. Until then, though, we will simply have to be patient.

At this time, then, I would like to apologize to anyone who was earnestly looking forward to EA. It is always a shame when a game is cancelled, all the more if you were expecting it to be a full swing. Alas, my priorities shifted, and even if Milton is not your forte, then you can take comfort that at some point in the future, you can enjoy, possibly, a revamped EA experience.

In any case, stay tuned, friends, because I have major news which you will not want to miss!

Again, the link: https://themiltonunderground.wordpress.com/