Big News: Brand Spanking New Site!

I will make this curt and to the point: I am building a new research site and this website, the one you are currently reading this post on, will-- likely-- be left behind.

Why am I doing this, you may be asking; that is a good question-- after all, I have the domain bought and paid for, for about another year, I have a decent amount of content, and I have a small audience. On the surface, it doesn't make much sense to transfer over to a new site. But I am so what gives?

Honestly, I just want a site which is more dynamic. A site that has more customization options and allows me more creative freedom. I'm not getting that from Blogger. Additionally, I feel that I will have a larger audience on my new site, which is hosted by Wordpress. Penultimatally, and perhaps more lackadaisically, I want a new site for reasons related to organization; I have had this site for a year and there is a lot of content which is simply dead ends and blasé spam. So, a new site would allow me the freedom to focus a bit more on what I feel my academic focus will be. A final reason why is because every week I discover more and more medieval websites-- by academics and enthusiasts both-- and all of them are hosted on Wordpress; in short, by being on Blogger, it is harder for me to socialize with other medievalists. By being on the platform where all the cool kids are at, I will have a footing with the technology that everyone is using.

Since this is the case, then, what will become of this site?

At the present time, I have content scheduled until the end of the year. This content will be continued to be published at its scheduled time. Because of the new site, I will be doing double-posting; everything of note here, will be published over there. So, if you enjoy this site, you will not have to transfer over to the new site until next January at the very earliest.

After January, I will most likely continue this double-posting until July, when the domain will re-new. Currently, I don't have plans to renew the domain but my final plans for this site have yet to be ratified. So, for the present moment, content will continue to get up and my project plans for the future have not changed.

I will post several more reminders about this change as the time gets closer. Currently, though, I just want to let everyone know where things are at and what is expected for the future.