Simple yet effective software?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about ways in which I can use literature.

What I want to do is engage people about the medieval period in a historically accurate and intellectual fashion. So I have been pondering how to do this; one way, of course, is to hone in on video games and interactive media, which I feel would be cool.

So far, I have come across several forms of engagements: so-called "Clickventures" or blog-based posts which form a coherent whole (such as my Enchanted Assemblage project), as well as text-based adventures, such as those interactive novels built by Inform 7 software. On the other, somewhat more luxurious side of game development, there is RPG-Maker, which would allow for a more epic approach to story-telling vis-a-vis pre-rendered building blocks.

I am only one man, so I cannot hire out a ton of people to help with these projects. Perhaps one or two here and there for specific uses, but other than that, I must be the one to do whatever it is that I do by myself. So I am willing to work hard and apply material in interesting ways, just as long as the software has a didactic use.

So, my question is this: has anyone reading this post ever used Inform 7, RPG-Maker, or some other form of software? If so, then what was your experience when using it? Would you recommend it? Have you at some point used some other software or development tool? I am always open to hearing about using things in unconventional ways, so if you have a artistic process that you would like to share, then I am all ears. I am looking for new mediums to engage medievalism and am willing to listen to anyone who has a recommendation for about how to finalize that engagement.

(Because I am interested in hearing if anyone has some advice, I will keep this post up for longer than usual and not update this site again until the first of next month.)