Progress Report #8

(NOTE: this is an old progress report written at a time where I was pre-empting certain projects; this is no longer the case, though, and so this report is lacking in accuracy. Wait for the next progress report before an accurate picture is made.)

Time for that… time, of the year again. That is right, folks, it is time for my progress report.
On all fronts, things are well. 

My Gawain-adaptation, though enduring a set-back with that total revision and subsequent minor revisions, is proceeding well and is on track for going live; I am thinking it will go live sometimes next spring. Seems like a long time, but I like to make sure all my eggs are accounted before I attempt to count. Ya know?

So, my Piers Plowman project was a spice of something different, and it seems I was finally able to get a little deeper into medieval literature. Provided, I still have a lot of texts that I would like to engage; Arthurian literature, specifically, I still am trying to wedge into my tight schedule of projects. So, that being said, I am thinking that after my Gawain-adaptation is completed, I will take a break from Great Course lectures, adaptations, and Let's Reads, and simply go on a medieval lit. reading binge. That way I have a solid understanding of the literature before I start grad. school in a year or two.

Priority issues aside, though, I feel that my independent research has gone extremely well. I am leaning forward on all fronts and have more progress planned.

I do not yet know when I will be returning to my study of Middle, much less, Old, English, but I do hope that a return to those subjects is in the future before Grad school. Still, I do not know what the future holds, so who can really say. I honestly have more pressing demands than how much of a dead language I know before delving into it as part of a grad. school course; my focus, after all, is likely going to be on neo-medievalism-- how the medieval and modern collide-- so it is not as though Middle and Old English are going to be terribly relevant to my efforts in understanding the general period and the texts.

What does the future hold? Well, though language struggles are a wisp of smoke, I do know that I would like to engage with J.K Rowling's Harry Potter franchise in a meaningful way, deconstructing its ancient, medieval, and early modern roots. I would also like to explore Geoffrey Chaucer’s works a bit more in-depth. Each of these will, likely, be helpful in Grad School, so I plan on going ahead with at least a small engagement with Chaucer, while Potter will be more likely to happen merely at a later point. Anything with Middle/Old English will probably only happen with luck and after all my other projects have been finalized. But with luck, friends, with luck.
In the meantime, I do have those other projects to attend to and, yes, that is right, Let’s Reads to post *wink, wink*