Lamenting a Loss (Enchanted Assemblages)

Alas, a great tragedy has befallen me! Many of my art supplies, my precious art supplies which I was going to use toward an avant-garde effect, was swept away in a gale of ignorance; friends, my ash, sticks, magazines, and cardboard have been heaped onto the artistic dung pile. 

Okay, so again without the hyperbole: I now lack a great deal of the tools I was going to use in order to create the images for my adaptation. Family members threw it out thinking it garbage. Now, after months of accumulation, I am back to square one.

How much of a loss this is I cannot say. Some of the materials were not ever going to be used to any great effect (such as the magazines) and originated from an earlier period where I believed the adaptation to be more oriented toward postmodern ends. However, the materials like the ash and smooth sticks, those took a lot of time to accumulate and felt that were going to take a place of prominence in the images. So, things are mixed.

Additionally, I know that images, actually, were going to be far less in this latest version than in my previous plan for the Gawain-adaptation. Previously I had thought of one, or even two, images per post, but some weeks ago decided that the images were to be rarely, preferring the reader to fill in many of the blank spaces for themselves. As such, the loss of these materials do not impact me as much in this version as they would have had in the previous version.

I won’t lie, it still irks me. But I just don’t feel it is the end of the world. But I have time to accumulate. Not a lot of time, mind you, but enough.