All About those Nodes: Queer Criticism (Enchanted Assemblages)

My Node for Queer Criticism was pretty easy to write. Since I study such criticism and have been interested in it for quite a while, it was pretty natural to get this Node where I wanted it; though, I will concede, that I feel it is not original enough.

                The Node centers on a village trying to rebuild in the aftermath of a murderous attack—ex-imperials aligned under a hetero-nationalistic general, assault the village after a spy discovers the village’s ‘secret’. The village, still reeling under the damage, is hardly able to understand the rationale for the attack; even the great being—The Being, a Non-Identifiable creature of light and energy—is at a loss for words, or is unable to say. So, as a brave knight-interpreter, it is your job to settle this problem once and for all!

                Obviously, anyone who has worked in or among the Queer community will know some of these details without even thinking much about it. The spy discovering the village’s secret is likened to someone ‘outing’ a closeted Queer person; likewise, the assault on the village is a terrorist attack, assaults which have transpired throughout history (whether it be in Queer bars/club or safe spaces). The people attacking the village, meanwhile, are Heterosexists—people who feel that they are superior to homosexuals simply because of sexuality. And, though the villagers are armed and willing to try and fend off the attack, when the player converses with the warriors, they discover that the warriors themselves are not differentiated by gender, bringing the idea of gender performativity into play; that whether one is a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ does not affect the ability to defend one’s community.

                Things do go deeper, though. Readers will find that the reason that the spy was able to overhear the secret was because he overheard a fight from a gay couple; turns out, that this couple discovered another secret from a fellow resident, and they feel that this secret should be out in the open. Why they do this is because of their own internalized homonormativity. Additionally, on top of the ex-imperials who assault the village, they have allied to them a group of bandits who attack the player if certain choices are made which presume the bandits to be other than cis-gender and hetero. This is meant to bring to attention the idea of Homosexual Panic.

                Eventually, the player will confront the ex-imperials on why they attacked the village and it will be revealed that the ability to procreate is fading from the world; hence, the ex-imperials are paranoid about how their own sexuality operates within an increasingly ‘Queer’ world (one which has Queer visibility). Ergo, to these imperials, violence seems the only way to restore balance.

                So, that’s about it for this Node. I covered all the major bases. There will be some more tidbits thrown in for extra measure, so as to reinforce how important gender is when considering conceptions of sexuality, but for the most part, this is what the player should expect when they play through the Queer Node.