Progress Report #7

I got bored, so enjoy this lovely piece of art from someone with great skill.

It has been a long time since I updated with a progress report. As I remarked in my previous report, I only wanted to update in regards to the big details. But since a decent amount has changed, I feel that has been more than long enough to post another one of my progress reports, regaling you with my academic intent.

(1)    Since my last update, I have temporary placed aside my Chaucerian investigations. As I wrote at the conclusion of my previous investigation, I simply have too many commitments at the moment to properly tackle something as serious as learning middle English. So, I have placed it on the backburner.
(2)    Additionally, some of you will realize that I have not been posting as many Enchanted Assemblages posts lately (for those of you who do not know, this was a click-adventure game that I started working on and brainstorming early in this blog’s creation). This is not because I have abandoned the game—on the contrary, I have redoubled my commitment. The thing is, though, that the game has been re-imagined.
Previously, Enchanted Assemblages was imagined as a click-adventure with some RPG-like elements. It was set in a post-apocalyptic world and had a heavy speculative sci-fi edge. I have decided to scrap all of that; now, it has more of a traditional Arthurian fantasy aesthetic. Its focus on teaching critical theory has remained but the idea of combat and RPG elements have been ditched in favor of a much more poignant focus on hermeneutics. Although I have found this to be the right move and it has made my work far clearer, it also, admittedly, has set my work back significantly which renders a great deal of my previous posts on the subject mute as I scramble to re-work the material and add new content. More on this later.
(3)    I have begun a unit on witchcraft, religion, and philosophy. Each of these I have intertwined with one another, so it should form an adequate whole when I have finished with the few texts that I bought. Since each of these fields are relevant to my intent on learning as much as I can about the medieval period, then it fills the slot rather nicely, especially with this month being October (though, really, most of my witchcraft posts are not going to come until later, so…). Besides, I have a neo-medieval project in the works which demands that I investigate witchcraft, so I’m really killing two birds with one stone.
(4)    So, changes: in regards to comments I have now placed a moderation que for new comments. My decision to moderate comments does not have to do with past abusers, since there has not been any since my blog is so small, but rather out of a desire to actually see those comments when they are posted. Previously, I would not even become aware of the comments until weeks after they were posted; I just didn’t see the little icon on my dashboard which said so, so I want to moderate and get email notifications every time someone comments. Assuming that people can be polite and refrain from trolling, then comments will be enabled for the foreseeable future; though I will say this—if people abuse the privilege of commenting, then I will shut down comments completely. I have no philosophical qualms about doing such.
(5)    I have still not been reading a lot of actual medieval literature. Since I am an English major this seems odd, but I am really focused at the moment on the culture and society of the Middle Ages, so that, and the fact that while I’m still an Undergrad I will hopefully take a medieval literature course before I graduate, makes me comfortable with my progress on this front. Besides, since I have started a Let’s Read to The Once and Future King, with other such commentary tracks planned for not only neo-medieval texts but medieval ones as well, this is really just a measure of time. Eventually I will get to the medieval texts and do let’s reads, but right now, I am perfectly content to just learn about the general history.
(6)    Regular readers will note that updates are no longer on a daily basis. This is because of several reasons; first, since my focuses and projects have altered, I have been spending a lot of time gearing up those undertakings, and so things like Notes and Musings have suffered as a result. I no longer have as many posts to share; additionally, because I have taken this semester off, I do not have a regular connection to the internet, which makes posting regular updates difficult when I have to go down the library every time. So as a compromise I have scheduled posts at three-day intervals. If, in the future, I should regain a regular connection, and that connection comes with a plethora of content, then I will start to update more regularly—maybe post something once every couple days, or even back to the regular one post a day. In the meantime, though, once every three days is the present schedule. Since many blogs update even less frequently then this, I believe it is a fine middle ground.

Well, that seems it for now! Unless I forgot something that is all there is to this update; I will see you all soon and, in the meantime, thanks for being readers! Chow!