Progress Report #6

What strange language is this? Math... numbers.

Well, here is another obligatory progress report.

Not much to say, if I am honest. I still haven't been doing a whole lot of reading; sure, I finished a short book but that is not saying much. My efforts have still remained focus on my adaptation project and listening to and taking notes to various selections from The Great Courses's catalogue. I do not predict that this will change... at least not anytime soon. With my efforts with Geoffrey Chaucer and Middle English about to intensify, I will not apologize for my specialist undertakings. I will have time to delve into literature proper once I have made sufficient headway in my present undertakings. For the foreseeable future, I see this focus on adaptation and language learning as my primary focus. So the next couple of progress reports will hone in on those details particular to that undertaking instead of looking at a wide array of possible activities peculiar to study.

Until then, friends, stay safe!