Gonzo Label Announcement

Hey everyone!

Your lovable Admin is back with another brief announcement. This time I just want to speak briefly on my new label—Gonzo— an what it means if you see it with a post.

Essentially, a post with a Gonzo label is something which is frivolously written. Think of Gonzo Journalism: it is colloquial, informative, but very casual and in your face; it is a sort of journalism which strives for factual representation of events but does not care much for the formality of the academy. Accordingly, this is what my own Gonzo label does: Gonzo identified posts are rude, vulgar, and down-to-earth in ways which ‘Notes,’ ‘Musings,’ or ‘Reviews’ simply are not.

Gonzo labels mark posts which may, or may not, have a sort of meta-narrative complete with characters. If such characters exist, they exist as framing devices—a means to an end. They extrapolate information in a fun narratological fashion, a kind of entertainment as you learn.
What sort of information do these posts—and possibly their resultant characters—communicate? Simply put, the information is just another way to disseminate content I have learned from academic reading. In truth, such posts are little different from ‘Notes’ or any other kind of summation; the qualitative difference lies within their crude tone and predisposition to act as framing devices.
I decided to start this label because I wanted a space to speak more frankly about some of the details I have been studying. I wanted to write in a more entertaining manner but I did not want to start a whole new blog where I would do nothing but re-hash what I post here; such would be trivial and tedious. So, hosting it here, where informal academic content makes up the bulk of the day-to-day publications, seemed the most obvious; it is, after all, nice to have a break from academic rigor once in a while.

So, with that being said, enjoy the upcoming Gonzo posts! The first is later today in the afternoon—12:00 p.m. sharp!