Enchanted Assemblages: Pen, Paper, Posts

When the going gets tough... you use pen and paper.

Since my adaptation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight also has a great deal of writing, content, which, will be eventually dived up and inserted into posts on my blog-site, ultimately amounting to, at least, several hundred posts, I figured that I would need a way to keep track of everything. I briefly wrestled with various ideas but soon settled on the tried and true pen and paper method.

Essentially, I am just keeping track of what posts connect with what other posts by drawing a square in a notebook and labeling that square with the post's sign. Once drawn, the squares demonstrate where they connect to by a line. Simple. This allows for both linear and non-linear progression.

The value in keeping a physical product marking all of posts is to remain organized. Obviously! After all, this adaptation may be in a blog format, but it is not a blog. Each and every posts has a logical connection; some, meanwhile, have connections to several other posts, which in turn, have divergent connections of their own. So, this means it is almost, if not, outright impossible to keep track mentally by just having a large lists of posts displayed on your dashboard. I needed something more practical, something where I could easy locate with or without an internet connection and see how that post interacts within the superstructure. Pen and paper, as it turns out, remains king.

One of my earlier musings when figuring out how to keep organized was to create a draft of my game in a organizational program called Scrivener. Even though that program, with a bit of creativity, would have allowed me to create a draft of the game, I could not export it to my blog... so I would have to re-create the entire project all over again. Fat chance of that happening.

So far this method has worked for me... but, seeing as how I only have half a dozen posts, that is not saying much, is it?! Even so, I feel that this method will be more than able to handle hundreds and hundreds of posts, everything considered. Really, there is not other option and I don't believe any other way is going to be more proactive than my present method, so I will get stick it out and get on just fine.