Sunday, August 7, 2016

Refining, yet again, my academic focus...

Let's be realistic: if you encountered a sign which said nothing at all, and you were lost, you would be even more lost.

Nope, I am not switching my emphasis again like last time where I leaped over to the Arthurian focus after originally settling on the Old English. Rather, I am just posting this update to let anyone who cares to know updated on my scope of interest. Recently, this means that I have simply decided to let my academic focus remain open in terms of medieval literature (I'm an English major, for anyone who forgot).

I still believe that Arthurian literature will play a dominant role in my interests. So I am not doubling back down the road in retreat because I found yet another area which has wooed me. I have just come to the realization that I am not doing myself any favors by attempting to stump myself into a corner before I even know what the whole room is about.

When I explored another area of the room, I found myself drawn toward Arthurian literature, hence the switch. I do not want to experience that again; or more accurately, I do not want to dig myself into a whole only to realize I want to understand what the hole next to me is all about. I want to simply explore and seize on other areas of potential interest and then, only after probing the depths of multiple research zones, come to a conclusion on what I want to hone in on.

So, there you have it-- no more grandiose declarations or what-have-you, no more announcements premature. I am going to explore what I want to explore and make a decision later, as is recommended. So, thanks for reading and if you want to share with me your own experiences in finding your academic niche, then please comment below!

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