Progress Report #5

It's the fifth progress report... in case you didn't know.

All aboard the train of progress reports, where there is never a dull moment to be had... assuming, of course, that factual recitations are your thing. Otherwise, avoid. But, at any rate...

My academic progress has been well.

While I have yet to begin my Middle English learning, I have continued my Gawain-adaptation, something which has been taking up most of my time. The one criticism which stands out, however, is that I have yet to uptake an increased reading schedule; mostly, my day is filled with audio lessons from 'Great Courses' and brainstorming for Enchanted Assemblages. Aside from that my time is rather tight, so actual reading has been sparse.

Regardless, however, I feel this is fine as presently my primary focus is on my adaptation and the large time investment which it necessarily requires. Part of any self-taught education is focusing on what you can when you are able, so I feel proud of what I have accomplished so far, despite some mild issues.

In other news, I started a Facebook page which I have been updating regularly, so this is an additional province of my budging empire which can be counted among my triumphs lately.

I guess that is it. More of the same, I suppose but mentionable nonetheless.