Enchanted Assemblages: Surviving on Sunshine

If only, if only... but, if you want to donate...

Disregard the title, it means nothing-- what I hope to convey is that, sometimes, when you are constructing a universe by your own hands, like some pale reflection of a survival hero, you have to subsist on little more than, well, sunshine, your own creative juices.

What I am talking about here is the price of models; that you need to shell out dozens of dollars for model kits of medieval siege equipment. I don't know about you, but would you like to dish out hundreds of dollars for dinky wooden models? No, of course not!

So, this is where my own sort of artistic survival skill comes in-- but a 3D printing pen.

To be clear, I am not talking about a 3D printer-- those cost an arm and a leg, even the cheap models. No, I am talking about a 3D pen, one of those cheap models marketed to amateur artists who want something novel. See, my plan is to buy several base models of medieval artillery equipment. Then, once those models are assembled, cut out and glue together small pieces of paper which act as an outline of that equipment; then, once that has been created, I can use the 3D pen to make a more concrete structure on the surface of the lazily glued together bits of paper. This way I am able to have a general outline of such equipment-- I will make an in-game excuse as to why said equipment looks different from the base models-- and I would've gotten them at a steal.

Now, this is merely a outline at this point. I may decide against this course of action. After all, 3D structures may seem too out of place in a game which rests on 2D images. But I am still deciding and so am carefuly weighing all of my options. But, I feel confident about this approach, even if the 3D pens themselves are a bit unreliable in terms of functionality.

In any case, if you have any experiences in this department, please feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks!