Enchanted Assemblages: The Long Lasting Empire

Self-explanatory image from our own reality.

Friends, rejoice, for at long last the enemy of the game is revealed!... well, I guess, in hindsight, knowing who to fight is not very wonderful since it means violence, but... whatever.

In any case, any game is incomplete without an antagonist to fight. In the parlance of this adaptation, the Long Lasting Empire is a nefarious, expansionist entity which seeks to unite the various shattered planes of existence into a single kingdom. To accomplish this they have been known to use any and all tactics to achieve their goals. To them, violence is always the answer.

To delve a bit deeper into their construction, studious readers may recognize that their very name is a sarcastic allude; typically, fascist realms call themselves ubiquitous titles, the grandiose hiding behind the state-sponsored ideology. In this incarnation, however, the pomp and regal nature have been stripped and everything which is fascist-- the racialist ideology, an imperial dominion, an eternal presence, etc.-- have been reduced to their parodic elements-- a militaristic realm which is merely 'long lasting.'

I would like to say that the Long Lasting Empire is based on some concrete idea, but it is, at this point, not based on anything specific. It is merely a generic stand-in for everything which is heinous. If I wanted to stretch a bit I could say that the LLE is an adapted version of the Holy Roman Empire, the same sort which King Arthur fights against in the Arthurian mythos, a formally proactive force turned evil. But, in all honesty, I simply do not have much behind the LLE at this point in time; it is really more of a foe to be fought against, the specifics of its evil will follow soon.

I could list out some idea, but I want to make it organic, so I will pontificate upon the LLE some more and get back to you, my loyal fans. After all, quality over quantity...