Enchanted Assemblages: "Englisc"

Fantastical artwork by an online artist. All right are theirs.

As you may have guessed, 'Englisc' is the Old English word for what we now call 'English,' as in the language and land. But for me, in this adaptation, it is more than that, it is the name of a continent which speaks of the player's journey.

Englisc is the name of the floating continent which is home to the player as they traverse the dangerous environment (this floating continent, of course, is in reference to the distorted physics of a post-phase shift Earth). As a place, it is heavily farming oriented and manned by Nüpēsants— a social class from pre-shift Earth which took on many characteristics of our own antiquated feudal society, but with certain twists and turns one would expect from a modern world. So this is to say that Englisc is an agrarian society dropped in the middle of the ruins of a formerly advanced civilization, the ruins of skyscrapers and motor-vehicles simply relics from a time gone long ago.

As a territory, Englisc is a province of the game's primary antagonist, an evil empire which seeks submission to the one true... well, more on this later. But, suffice it to say, this province is a heavily exploited land and calls out for liberation from their domineering overlords. More on this soon...