Enchanted Assemblages: Artwork, at long last!

A watercolor painting done by an artist far better than I!

So, as I said previously, I have been anticipating when I would begin the art component to my project. In my aforementioned art post, I remarked how I decided to buy a decent set of starter supplies since I had decided to create all of my own art pieces, since it would be too costly and time consuming to hire someone. Well, a couple days ago my art supplies finally arrived!

Admittedly, I haven't done a whole lot, yet. I am still getting the hang of things is the reason why.

When the supplies arrived, I decided to start with the watercolors. I chose the watercolors first because that style, with my talents, would be the best way to nudge my way into art; I prefer abstract art, and watercolors, when you use wet-on-wet techniques, tend to produce suitably abstract blotches of color as they spread over the wetted surface. I thought I could use this to my advantage as I practiced some of the basics. And, I think I was right-- I believe that I am getting the hang of things!

But! I do have construction paper, collage, and 3D and multi-leveled images and structures to practice on as well, so the fact that I still have only scratched the surface of watercolors means that I have a lot to yet do and practice.

Even so, I have finished five, not-too-bad, watercolor paintings. I am quite proud of myself; not because I am thinking myself at risk of becoming the next great artist, but because I am happy to be crafting my adaptation's artwork with my own hands. The time, labor, and materials augment the experience of actually producing. Instead of mere intellectual work-- my usual occupation-- I am engaged in practical activities which also allow me a nice respite from my usual mental gymnastics; accordingly, this makes my undertaking here all the more poignant precisely due to its estrangement from my typical situation: instead of pure intellectual work (reading and brainstorming and the like), I now have moments of hands-on activities which act as a release-valve for stress. I like it.

I hear you ask, "what images have you been painting?" Good question! Just the materials for the introduction, so far: you see, I do not want to venture too far ahead with this game without having the subsequent materials crafted. So this just translates to me not wanting to blindly create images which do not yet have game-post to attach themselves to; likewise for the game-posts and images. So, I am writing five posts at a time, publishing them on my site, and then commissioning the images which accompany them so as to avoid the pitfalls of either having to do nothing but paint, or the other evil of having nothing to do but publish posts. In my view, a little of everything works well for my measured pace. We will see how this works in the future. But, for now, I am seeing all the colors of the rainbow and it is nice.