Enchanted Assemblages: Art Supply Nightmare

The Struggling Artist by The-Talking-Mime ... Copyright to owner.

Okay, perhaps "nightmare" is a bit heavy handed but what I went through was certainly frustrating.

Since my last post, I had decided to attempt and make all of my own artwork for my adaptation. Although I am still nervous about doing so and in full realization that it will be expensive, I believe that only via taking everything into my own hands will my vision be brought to life in a timely manner.

So, what does someone who has no artistic experience do when he begins upon a great artistic adventure? Well, that person goes to online stores and searches for the means to be creative.

The short version of what transpired was a several hour marathon of looking at a bit of everything while musing on whether or not I needed this or that set of paints, paper, brushes, and what-have-you. I was bewildered by the vast assortments of stencils and glitter and markers and pens... but I couldn't lose my head since I had to keep a budget and decide what I think would be most handy within reason.

So, I just ended up adding to my cart a little of everything. A bit of paint, a pastel, some markers and glue and constructions paper, this and that, you get the idea. Since this is not a commercial enterprise I did not need to fear in buying lower-grade or even "amateurish" supplies, just what I thought would be most handy to someone discovering their voice.

Still, the seemingly never ending options and my confusion over what each and every variance accomplished was a bit of a nightmare. Constantly, I was fretting over buying something anathema to my efforts or something which is high above my demands. Realistically though, nothing short of a in-depth research period would have prevented me from buying something absurd to my undertaking; only practical experience and practice would enable me to eventually master the myriad of differences in that style or this paint. In the meantime I would just have to find enjoyment in the journey.

I think that I was able to find what was more or less right for me, but I am still nervous about actually beginning my project since I know I am going to end up wasting a lot of materials just experimenting and tinkering with ideas and how my supplies work. Even so I am hopeful. I am looking forward to unlocking the secrets of different styles and methods of engagement and seeing what works for me as I am bringing my vision to life.

More on this once I begin!