Progress Report #4

All aboard?
All hand report on deck! The captain has important remarks for ye!

No, don't worry, I will not be speaking like some ill-conceived pirate for this post but if I am the captain of this proverbial ship, then I would like to take a moment to regal you, my loyal crew, on the nature of our voyage.

In a word? It is going well.

This is the third such progress report I have posted up and I feel that although I do not have a great deal to report on, what needs to be said is nevertheless important. So, without further adieu, let me go on.

My research has been going swell. I have continued to read and finish some texts here and there in addition to reviewing said books when I finish while offering what I have called 'content posts' as I go along, post which delve deeper into the material. Even though my progress in terms of literature and history has not been as speedy as may be desired, I feel that it is acceptable nonetheless. After all, I have several ongoing projects at any given time and sometimes do not have the energy or free moments to engage with more than a couple of texts slowly. It is just a fact of life.

So this being said, my other projects, both concerned with adaptation and this blog and those endeavors which are not concerned with adaptation and this blog, have been running smoothly. Enchanted Assemblages is gradually building momentum and starting to take shape; I have moved on from preliminary sketches and outlines to a more final notebook and will soon be in a position to start focusing all of my efforts on art and building the actual game play. I am excited!

And though only my most ardent readers will remember a blog post from some time back where I teased on another adaptation project concerning Arthurian literature, I want to briefly talk on that one as well-- it is proceeding on track. As I said previously, this is a undertaking which is primarily for graduate school. But since it will be so time consuming I must start it now. Part of this project involves learning how to use a popular role-playing game maker software, what I intend on basing the adaptation on. I am pleased to report that although I am far from an expert in the software, I have made progress in learning how to use said software and hope to engage more time with the program in the future.

I haven't started on any essays yet but since my schedule is so loaded, this is not surprising. Indeed, I will likely not start on any papers until after I have nearly finished the first adaptation project and have gotten further along in my research. Otherwise, what would I even write about? Gotta have priorities.

So, to conclude: my progress has been a bit slow but steady and I am happy with what I have made. Plus, part of that progress has meant buying a custom domain, so that was great fun and gave me an enthusiasm boost. Over all I have no complaints about my efforts so far and plan on keeping it that way.