New Project: Working title found!

No relation.

I know, I should have updated with the working title for my Gawain adaptation project  a long time ago, but I constantly became distracted. Apologies.

At any rate, the working title is Enchanted Assembles.

The title draws on the magical nature of Arthurian legends while also referencing Deleuzian philosophy. I picked it because I thought that it was both evocative as well as original; though it may be an odd choice for a science fiction game, since 'enchanted' denotes 'Fantasy' in the popular imagination, I thought that would add to the fun flair of the idea and bring the non-literal emphasis of the project to a subtle sheen.

So, yeah, other than that, I do not have much to say. Now, it is, of course, only a working title, so there is a possibility that I will change it to something else in the future (though I honestly doubt I will). But, in the meantime, it will work excellently for me and my endeavor.

Now that the working title has been announced, be sure to note that any post titled "Enchanted Assemblages: [subtitle]" is the same content stream as the previous, and currently titled, posts with the "New Project: [subtitle]" heading. The two are one in the same and should not be thought of as constituting any difference in content or form; merely, the "New Project" has finally been titled.

So with that being said, let's continue our journey into the ether of Medieval worlds!