Looking Ahead

As if you were surprised that I have my hands in many pots!

I am a busy guy. In fact, so busy that I have already started planning my next big medieval adaptation. Suffice it to say that the project will not be formally announced for some time and even longer before it is in any kind of playable state. But I am thinking about it and that is what matters.

In short, the idea for the future is to make a lengthy role playing game based off of Arthurian legends. I've also decided that it will be more educational than my current adaptation project; whereas my present project is focused primary on the art of adaptation itself and what it means to close read, this new project is more occupied with the nuance of Arthurian literature and medieval times. It is meant to be played with texts and educational resources (of which I will make myself). So it is a much larger and a more serious effort and will require a massive amount of planning; which will, of course, require me to start it quite early.

Whether this adaption is a superimposed adaptation or a translated-adaptation, I have not yet decided, though figure it could have aspects of both. I have already found a software program to develop it on; in fact, I am downloading it right now. Of course it will take a long time to learn the software and even longer to have any kind of mastery over it; after all, I have no prior coding experience and will be a uphill battle. And because I have other projects and obligations, not the lest my other adaptation project, this will be a back-burner project-- something I slowly piece together in the background of my primary concerns.

But I like it. It is a delight to always have something to work on and a project to fiddle with as it keeps me busy. I do not like having doubts as to how I am going to spend my intellectual activity, so planning ahead is really my thing, even if it is years ahead. I will probably not update again on this project for some time, but know it is on my mind and may occasionally, pop up.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask or to recommend suggestions or thoughts as to what you would like to see in an educational game.