Enchanted Assemblages: The Role of Comments

Interaction, yay or nay?

When you think of a video game you only consider communication in team based online games; team-shooters, MMORPGs, and the like. It is not exactly a high concern of yours to integrate and consider what the community is saying when what you are experiencing is primarily a single player phenomena.

This is perhaps even more relevant to me, and to anyone who will play my click-based adventure; after all, the interface for my game is a modified blog and I cannot remove the role of comments from the blog. Or, more accurately, even if I could, I would not want to and for a simple reason-- I want people to interact and contribute to this landscape and mythology.

What I am thinking is that comments on each post of the game could be used to lure people into the game world. People could don personas and, while remaining in character, contribute to the world of that post; so, for example, if a post of the game was about exploring some ancient forest ruins, and the player was examining a decaying arch, perhaps the player will comment on the post by manifesting a skeleton or dried footprints in the mud. Or maybe they will start a thread which, acting as a side quest-like endeavor, encourages other players to participate and flesh out what they want to see in this futuristic world.

Potentially, this has the possibility to open up thousands of new avenues for players and for a level of interaction never before seen in a click adventure. It allows for players to add their own flair to the game world, to even create their own story lines in the comments and usher in new mini-adventures alongside the primary.

Even though I understand that most players will likely not use such an opportunity, I feel that someone may use the chance and may, as such, make the game better and more of a team experience, despite the single player orientation. It is something that I think is clever and could overhaul the premise and take it from a solitary game to an interactive community... now I just have to think of a way to disguise the 'comments' as something appropriate to a sci-fi adventure!