Enchanted Assemblages: Enemy List Finished!

Super duper great news today, friends! Ah, you know what it is about...

I have finished compiling the enemy list for my adaptation project. Yay for me! This is an accomplishment since it represents a concrete step forward in the conception of my project as a whole; with the combat, more or less, figured out, and the enemy list complete, I can now focus on perfecting the scenarios in which these foes will confront the player.

It actually took a great deal of back and forth to understand what enemies I wanted because I had to take both narrative and the realities of combat into mind; this is a click adventure, after all: each and every action clicked on by the player will result in new actions which will demand new artwork. My adaptation is not a novel, so for every post I need to commission new art for the action. With a standard battle currently estimated to take anywhere from 7-12 posts, all of which, again, will need at least one original image which reflects the progression of the battle, both the price and logistics quickly add up. This is why creating enemies was difficult, because I needed foes which would be realistic for a student artist to draw repeatedly.

Unsurprisingly, the enemy list is short. After all, the poem I am adapting is not an epic poem. It it a mere 80 or so pages long. In total there is only seven different foes. Did I overthink the creation process a bit? Maybe. But I was balancing many factors so I believe that it is better to overthink than to stumble upon a inconsistency and have to scrap and start over on a great deal of your work. So, I am happy and look forward to hammering out the artistic details of these beasts in the coming weeks.