Custom Domain Obtained!

You already knew my first, middle, and last name; but now you only now my birth name. My slave name of yore is no more!

(I rhyme too, how cute.)

But yes, I have bought, invested in really, a custom domain. Why? You ask (and are right to ask, by the way). Well, for several reasons; one, I simply like the more professional look of a domain which lacks the [free cheap moniker indicating it is under the subservience of another entity] which the [dot]blogger address indicates. Additionally, aesthetically, I liked the formal look of the custom domain. Plus, and I will be honest here, I enjoyed the idea of having a custom domain. Never before have I had a custom domain so it seems so, I dunno, 'grown up' to take responsibility for a domain, to have enough confidence in a site to pay for a real place name. It feels right.

As for the exact domain name, I went back and forth. Google offers quite a few different ones but I knew that I did not want anything too exotic (or expensive!). So I ended up going with 'info' after arguing between [dot]net and [dot]info. I chose info over net for the simple reason that it seemed most compatible with my project here. After all, I wasn't a 'network' nor was I a commercial ([dot]com) enterprise or an organization ([dot]org). I am just one person running a research blog. So, info seemed most appropriate (even though, I am aware, that I could have selected anything I liked). Plus, it was also cheap to host, so that was a plus. While if I had more money and the options I think it would have been nice to have a more neophyte custom domain, something like "se" or "si" I am happy with the one I selected and hope you will enjoy it as well.