Wednesday, June 1, 2016

That Elusive Audio...

If only that stylized stream of audio could be my fabled lesson!
I foresaw this problem. And no, I didn't need any crystal ball, either. My problem? What is the best way to hear spoken Old English? The 'Teach Yourself' coursebook I bought at a steal some time ago offers a 'audio support' pack, which could be one avenue of approach. However, the reviews I have read, disparage the product's flimsy design which easily break upon the purchaser's attempt at removal. Of course, this gives me pause about buying my own copy as each CD pack is only sold by third-parties and is fairly expensive. Other than the 'Teach Yourself' CD, though, I know of no other sources of recorded Anglo-Saxon, much less ones which are carefully constructed lessons meant to teach new comers. I suppose, I will simply need to keep my eyes open and do some research; should you, dear reader, have any advice, please comment.