Students! Check this Out! (Digital Collections)

A vast collection of odds and ends from times past, made available once more. This picture, however, is just a random image.

Whether you are a undergraduate, graduate student, or doctoral candidate, these collections are sure to help you out with your research; digitized by the British Library, one of the largest libraries in the world, one can find a plethora of original manuscripts either by searching or emailing a librarian. Feel free to take a look around and keep this source in mind for future possibilities.


(I am sure many researchers are already aware of this, so this post is really more for Undergraduates and Graduate students who are just starting out, but I feel it is something worth sharing, even if many will already know of its existence. That being said, other significant libraries hold similar collections and it will be worth an investigation of which libraries hold specific collections of ancient materials if you are researching something specific)