Some Old Letters for You

Here, these arrived in the mail yesterday, they are for you; it is Old English letters. Cool, right? Let's take a look at them...

This little guy is called 'Eth' and has a 'Th' sound.

Open up the next letter...

Here we have 'Thorn' which mimics 'Eth' by its similar 'Th' sound.

What fun new letters, am I right?

Probably my favorite: 'Ash' has a 'a' sound as in 'cat.'

Up next on the Old English train is--

Our good old friend 'insular-g.' You probably don't even recognize his 'ogh' sound, as in 'tough.'

We are on a roll!

This is our estranged bud 'wynn' with its distinctive 'W' sound. What a bro!

I guess that is it, for now. But, there is many more wonderfully dead letters out there, you just have to give 'em a look!

The collected dead letters of the English language.

But, here is one for the road: the Old English alphabet!

The alphabet you never knew you had.