Progress Report (6/23/16)

Different percentages for different projects. What one are you?

Time for another update; classic Curtis, right? Always keeping you updated on his intellectual whereabouts.

But, seriously, things are going well. Even though, at the moment, I decided to put on hold learning Old English, in favor of slowly edging my way into it at a later date, possibly after I have engaged with Middle English some more, I feel I have made progress.

I have reviewed two books-- one, John Blair's Very Short Introduction to the Anglo-Saxon Age, and the other, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. All though not a great deal of reading by any means, it nevertheless shows signs of me pushing forward. This undertaking, after all, is an independent study, not a advanced course. Everything I am doing here is for my own erudition in anticipation of formally studying medievalism.

Besides, much of my time has been spent in going in-depth with the books I have read; readers may have noticed that with many of posts have cited Blair's introduction. Those are what I have termed 'content posts.' They are posts meant to elucidate aspects aspects of the literature I read; so reading is not merely an issue of reading, but also of re-reading and engaging with the content.

But, aside from the small but promising amount of progress made in engagement, I have also started labor on my Undergraduate project concerning adapting the aforementioned Sir Gawain. These are the posts which start with 'New Project.' I have been busy brainstorming, imagining, and sorting out the details with this hefty project, so that, in addition to my reading and writing, have made me a busy boy.

So, yeah, everything said and done, I think I have been doing well; if I were to give myself a grade, I would say my efforts amount to something like a 'B+'. I realize I could be doing much more, but I also realize that I have other realms to focus on and cannot devote every second of every day to this independent research. So, everything considered, I have warded off the academic evil that is laziness, for now at least!