Post: About about those posts?

Here are some different kinds of posts. Enjoy. Don't say that I never did anything for you.

Part of any blog worth reading and ensuring that the audience know when they will have content and what that content will be about. So, this blog should be no different.

It is my aim to update everyday. Presently, I am summer vacation, which makes research and writing easy. Since I elected to take the Fall semester off, in order to focus on other facets of my life, I will have an additional chunk of time to research, read, write, and post. Since I bought a decent amount of study materials to keep me busy. there should be a fairly easy stream of content for at least the next two to three months. Because of this, updating everyday, and sometimes even twice a day, should be a fairly simple affair should I not become haggard and lose the enthusiasm. Of course, there will undoubtedly be days where I do not post; the point I wish to stress, however, is that these days should be a tiny minority.

But concerning the actual posts...

Generally speaking, this blog has several different kinds of posts. Most of these varieties can be inferred by the labels I attack to each posting, but I want to elaborate on the nature of some of these labels and how the label identifies the content.

These posts tend to be random thoughts, rants, or facets of the research process; posts which do not contain significant, if any, content of a intellectual nature. Such posts are more me talking out loud or pontificating upon some extra-research difficulty. Accordingly, these are brief postings which serve as a road into my mind than anything else.

Very self-explanatory. Posts marked by a 'Notes' label simply are transcriptions of the notes I take while studying. I include them on this blog since I feel transcribing them a second time will help me, in some degree, in encoding the knowledge within. Plus, perhaps it will help a curious onlooker better understand the research I am doing or inspire their own investigation. Notes may be either notes from my language learning affairs or notes from literature or scholarly work.

More significant than the 'Minutia' marked posts, posts with the 'Musings' label are somewhat more protracted of a contemplation concerning medieval research. These tend to be better structured than 'Minutia' posts, which stress a momentary engagement, whereas 'Musings' are more akin to ideas, thesis, and the like.

Undergraduate Posts
Because I imagine that this blog will likely travel with me to graduate school, and take on new life there as I study medieval culture professionally, the 'Undergraduate posts' label serve to differentiate my starting engagement posts with my intermediate engagements posts, that of my eventual grad school postings. Being organized is key to being successful and I am sure that some years down the road I will take some delight in reading my thoughts as I was first starting out as a lowly undergraduate. Posts marked by this label tend to be engagements with a specific text and so contain a moderate amount of intellectual material.

Another straightforward label.  'Essays' labeled posts are postings which are high in intellectual content. They are pieces which offer highly structured elaborate insights into certain aspects of medieval culture and history while adhering to formal academic guidelines. These pieces will be posted intermittently.

Language learning
All posts labeled with this are posts which directly concern language. Sometimes this label has overlap with 'Minutia' and 'Musings.' Most posts with this label are rather short and to the point.

New Media
Somewhat of an esoteric label, 'New Media' labels indicate content with is related to the adaptation and contemporary reception of medieval literature and texts. Such labeled posts will have a wide range of both overlap with other labels but also meanings as their content will wildly vary depending on the piece of text which is the focus of the post. These posts will also mark my own adaptation project (to be announced).

Progress Reports
Simply said, these posts are my means to keep me both honest and engaged with the material. Every couple of weeks, or so, I will post a brief progress report where I give an overview of my progress, or lack of, therefore, and expound upon my activity; in the case of a lack of progress, it will then take the form of a kind of self-criticism. If you are in school, then you receive progress reports from your instructors. I figure that an online platform should be no different. And since I am my own instructor then I should keep myself honest.

All right, those are the labels of principal interest. In the future, be sure to keep these facts in mind when wondering what the labels are all about. In the meantime, adios my friends!