Notes (Pt.3)

Closer to my kind of notes.

Hey all, it is time for more notes from my wonderfully ranting exploration of Old English, so buckle up!

(Half of my notes from Unit two of Mark Atherton’s ‘Teach Yourself’ Guide; bold denotes Old English words)

                Cyning (king): KÜ-ning
                Sceal (must): SHÉal
                Rice (kingdom): REE cheh
                Healdan (rule, had): HÉal-dan
                Heal (hall): HÉal
                On healle (in a hall): HÉal-leh
                Beag (ring): BÉag (one syllable)
                Beagas (rings): BÉa-gas (plural form)
                Dӕlan (to share out, appropriate): DӔH-lan
                Bera (bear): berra

                On hӕðe (on the hearth): also written as ‘hӕþ.’ ‘Th’ sound for both.
                Eald (old): Éald (One syllable)
                Egesfull (terrible): EH-yes-full
                Ea (river): éa
                Dun (mountain hill): doon
                Of dun (from the hill): Off DOO-neh
                Flod-grӕg (flood-grey): fload-grӕy
                Feran (to go, travel): FÉ-ran