New Project: Fiddling with templates

For me, it is a long journey; I identify with the guy climbing the triangle.

When I initially imagined adapting a medieval text into a click adventure, I was a bit flabbergasted at how to do it. I didn't have any experience in web design or game design; I didn't know the first thing on how to use code or what programs I could buy... then, even if I did, I would have to factor in the price and learning curve. In short, it seemed like a bleak affair, as though my dreams could not escape the void of their creation.

At last, though, I settled for what I  did know-- blogging.

I took the old saying 'fake it till you make it' quite seriously. Essentially, I would design a new blog in just a way as to render is like a game. So, I made a new blog, customized the settings so that only a single post-- the introduction-- displayed on the home page, and made it so that other posts, categories, and tags and the like, were invisible. I also changed some settings so as to render my presence invisible. Or, nearly invisible.

Why? Because in a normal blog has many tells, signs which denote it as a blog. My desire was to see this as a game, a website in the guise of a blog, in a game's skin. So, I had to make sure that people were invested in the game, what was in front of them at any given moment, instead of preoccupied with 'recent posts' and 'popular posts' and the like; all of this minutia would need to be effaced, otherwise I ran the risk of players becoming confused and disoriented at what all of the other information was about and clicking on ancillary posts in an effort to resolve the riddle. Problem is, those other posts would, obviously, be different parts of the game, and the game was meant to be played in a fairly linear fashion. So, everything which was not immediately relevant to the player would need to be removed.

I am still fiddling with the settings. It is likely that I will need to continue to struggle with how to make things appear and how to overcome issues which pop up. After all, I have not yet actually started on making the vast series of posts which will make up the adventure. But, as of now, I feel confidant that the idea of customizing a blog will work. Low tech? Yup! But I lack any other viable options since I am not a geeky-smart kind of guy. Besides, I am actually looking forward to utilizing obstacles to great effect. I am planning on this game to be part of a multilayered project, so not everything about the blog format will be removed; some things I am banking on will be pushed to new ends to help better define the purpose, the pedagogical qualities, of what I am designing.

As of now, though, that is where I am at: modeling a blog to play as a game. If you have any recommendations of simple to use, and relatively inexpensive computer programs worth checking out which focus on design, then comment below and I would be glad ot check them out.