An Educated Mistake

Example of a big mistake; a very unhelpful sign.

Remember how when you were in middle and high school if you were taking a state sponsored test and didn't know an answer the teacher would say something like 'just make an educated guess'? Well, that result-- a mistake-- is what happened to me; I made an educated guess and ended up with an educated mistake.

Thankfully, however, the mistake is a simple and funny one. It in no discernible, that is, serious, way impacts my research, just shifts things a small bit.

What happened was that I mistook a piece of Renaissance literature for medieval literature.


To be more specific, I mistook Edmund Spencer's The Faerie Queene to be Medieval literature. While I was glancing over at some titles while on a purchasing spree, my refinement of search results not refined enough, I assumed Spenser's text to be part of the Medieval canon since it was in a general category with many other actual medieval titles.

Queen Elizabeth: the muse of Edmund Spenser.

I do not regret buying the title (can any real English major say that they regret buying a piece of classic literature?). In fact, the text, though outside of the epoch I am researching, sounds fascinating; Arthurian legend, romance, moralistic tales of dragon slaying and anti-witch conspiracy all wrapped up in a piece of epic poetry-- sounds delightful! I will undoubtedly read it in my spare time.

In fact, my only real regret is that, due to time constraints, I will not be able to engage with Spenser's text in the method that I had originally intended for it, as a thought-provoking piece of New Media adaptation (more on this later). I still could engage with this text, but that would be delegated to the undetermined future as my present demands with research and classes, keep me far too busy to justify gallivanting into fields less trodden... at least for the moment.

Well, that is my silly (academic) mistake. What is yours?