A New Project

It is time to try something new!

Wonderful news, friends!

Unremarkable as it is, over the past few weeks I have been brainstorming ideas. These ideas were mostly what I could do with medieval texts which makes them more accessible. Or, ideas which adapted texts into new mediums (you know, aside form crappy Hollywood movies). Eventually, I decided on the text I would adapt and what that adaptation would be: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (look for my review soon) adapted into a click adventure.

I know it does not sound very interesting. A click adventure? Oh posh! I realize that to many people a click adventure either brings up memories of less than amazingly developed video games from yesteryear, the kind your parents would get for you in the hopes of having you forget that there was a much better, and more expensive video game, that you wanted; or, it conjures up memories of yesterday, of clicking through humorous mini-games on websites.

Stick with me, though. My idea of this click adventure is to incorporate more interactive elements. It is not meant to be a passive experience. Ideally, when the player plays my game, something which is also meant to be educational, they see the text come alive by the game's mechanics; sure, it is not the latest Call of Duty, thank goodness, but in maintaining something like combat elements and questing intermixed with exploration, I am thinking that my game, if nothing else than a thought experiment, is likely to be an indication of what some academic ingenuity is able to do.

I am still refining my thoughts and trying to pull everything together. In the coming weeks I will post more on aspects of this undertaking. I have a decent amounts of notes already while also having a solid idea on where I want to go with this project in addition to how to get there; truly, it is just a matter of slowing things down, researching, and not letting myself trip over myself.